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OEM Watch Manufacturing | Natural Ebony Wood Watch OEM Samples

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The custom watch features a natural ebony wood case with a sunburst black dial and gold-tone hands, complemented by a forest green strap measuring 14 centimeters. It incorporates an anti-reflective coating and a durable pressure-resistant acrylic glass. Crafted from high-quality natural ebony wood, the watch case has undergone fine polishing and received a tung oil treatment to enhance its unique, classical appearance.

OEM Watch Manufacturing | Natural Ebony Wood Watch OEM Samples

This OEM watch manufacturing product features a natural ebony wood case, a sunburst black dial with gold-tone hands, and a 14 cm forest green strap. It includes an anti-reflective coating, strong pressure-resistant acrylic crystal, and the case is crafted from polished and oiled natural ebony wood, measuring 35 cm in size. It exudes a unique and classical charm, enhanced by the fine wood grain shape that highlights different tastes and textures.

The materials used in the production of this OEM watch come from high-quality natural ebony wood, and it can be perfectly matched with different watch movements and wooden surfaces. This ebony wood watch has undergone meticulous polishing and is combined with a Japanese quartz movement to create a watch that is full of sentiment, offering a pure and steady, yet versatile appearance. The wood's striking grain adds to its visual appeal, making it both an eye-catching and environmentally-friendly fashion accessory.

In recent years, ebony wood watches have been widely seen at various award ceremonies and private gatherings. They can provide a warm feeling to wearers even in the cold winter. Ebony wood is known for its intricate grain pattern, hardness, resistance to wear, and natural luster. In Chinese culture, ebony wood is traditionally used for crafting talismans, amulets, and religious figurines, believed to possess protective properties.

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