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Time Valley Watch Factory Watch OEM Service
One-stop full managed production service tailored for brand watch companies, the scale production and manufacturing advantages of Time Valley oem watch manufacturer can help you obtain in-depth service experience in watch quality, production cost, and delivery time , to provide you with a stable supply and help you seize the watch market share.

Time Valley OEM Watch Manufacturer Can Solve 4 OEM Challenges for You

Types of OEM Watches

Explanation of OEM Watch Manufacturer Watch OEM Categories and Production Quantity Requirements

Logo position

Explanation of Logo Placement for Watch Private Labeling

OEM Watch Manufacturing Solution List

provides 3 value-added services

new product development 

proofing service

customs clearance service product marketing service
Watch production configuration scheme

Customize movement, dial, case, strap, hands, backcase, glass, waterproof level and packaging

 based on your budget to meet your different OEM needs.

Intellectual Property Protection


Sign a product confidentiality agreement, the drawings and documents will be kept confidential.

ISO National Standard Quality


139 process production technologies, 36 inspection levels, and 5 major project tests

International Testing Standard


All products can pass WEEE, RoHS, REACH, CE and other international certifications, and support

 third-party inspection

Quick sample proofing 15 days fast proofing, allowing you to get samples in time to confirm

Product life-long after-sales


Free return and exchange for quality problems, 1-year warranty and lifetime after-sales service

One-stop full managed


From watch design to purchasing, making samples, mass production, packaging and shipping,

 the whole process of intelligent management system operation


Solve the four major production problems for you

Production input costs are too high

Not all china oem watch manufacturer allow you to obtain the best price. We have the advantage of large-scale production, from purchasing raw materials to production and assembly to reduce costs and increase efficiency. At least 55.6% of your investment and operating costs can be reduced.

Watch products are too slow to market

Compared with other china oem watch manufacturers, we have absolute control over the production cycle of watch parts, which can increase the manufacturing speed by 81.7%. Allows you to bring new watches to market faster, meet market demand, and seize market share.

Lack of Expertise in Watchmaking

Our watchmakers have 15 years of rich production experience and technology, and can help you make the three high-end watch product technologies of tourbillon, enamel and hollow. And it has 139 production technologies such as electroplating process, diamond inlaid process, corrosion process, oil pressure, pad printing, silk screen printing and so on to ensure the production quality and process level of watches.

Self-development is too risky

Time Valley oem watch manufacturer has a team of professional designers, engineers, and watchmakers with 15 years of experience in the watch industry. There is a mature operating process in watch research and development and manufacturing that can help you reduce 98.9% production risk.

OEM process
OEM Watch Manufacturing Process Diagram

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