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ODM & OEM Watch Making Factory from China

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You will "save more money" if cooperate with us

The Price of Custom Watches is 20% Lower than Other Watch Factories

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"High Efficiency" watch factory

The Production Time is "3 Times" Faster than Other Watch Factories

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360° all-round in-depth customization

"9C" Watch Custom Production Mode

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  • 2015 Founding Time
  • 100000 + Monthly output
  • 1500 Factory Covered

Why choose Shenzhen Time Valley watch factory?

"Price" is 20% Cheaper

⌚ According to statistics, the OEM price of Time Valley Watch Factory is 20% lower than competitors;
⌚ With the supply chain system and management advantages that reduce costs and increase efficiency, help you save company procurement costs;
⌚ Our watch factory can enable you to obtain more competitive prices and increase your profit margins;
⌚You will have a market price advantage and sell watches at a more attractive price;


Delivery Time "Faster" 3 Times

⌚ The delivery time is 3 times faster than competitors;
⌚ The delivery time advantage of Time Valley watch factory helps you seize market opportunities ahead of your opponents;
⌚ The fast delivery time improve your sales efficiency and capital turnover rate;


Flexible "Customization"

⌚ Time Valley watch factory accurately focuses on your business needs to provide you with more free and extensive customization solutions;
⌚ The exclusive 9C watch customization mode of wrist watch factory makes the customization cost flexible and controllable, which can further reduce your capital investment;
⌚ 360° all-round custom watch: including movement, dial, case, strap, hands, backcase, glass, waterproof level and packaging customization, truly free customization;


"Excellent" Watch Quality

⌚ Five major test items improve watch quality: time test, function test, appearance inspection, waterproof test, movement test;
⌚ National standard quality inspection: IQC strictly follows the latest "QB-T 1249-2013" and "GB-T 6044-2016" inspection standards to inspect the goods before shipping.
⌚ Multiple international testing standard certification: Our products can pass WEEE, RoHS, REACH, CE and other international certifications, and support third-party inspection;


ODM & OEM watch production process

Communicate production needs.
Communicate production needs.
Manufacture sample to confirm.
Manufacture sample to confirm.
Mass production of watches.
Mass production of watches.
Delivery of watches under contract.
Delivery of watches under contract.
Provide life-long after-sales service
Provide life-long after-sales service

Delivering a comprehensive solution to your watch supply challenges.


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