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Watch Manufacturing OEM | Bright Silver Cosmic Starry Quartz Watch OEM Product

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Here are the specifications for the watch production OEM, provided for reference to all watch brand businesses:

Case: Stainless Steel
Dial Diameter: 39mm
Case Thickness: 12.5mm
Glass: Hardened Glass
Strap: 17mm Stainless Steel Strap
Movement: Japanese Quartz Movement
Accuracy: ±20 seconds/month
Water Resistance: 3ATM

Watch Manufacturing OEM | Bright Silver Cosmic Starry Quartz Watch OEM Product

The design concept of the Time Valley watch production OEM product, the Bright Silver Universe Star Trail Quartz Watch, is inspired by the exploration of the universe, life forms, and the unknown. This minimalist bright silver watch represents planetary orbits on the dial with circular markers, symbolizing the passage of time as if planets leave their traces on their orbits.
The curves on the markers represent life fluctuations detected by probes in the vast cosmos. The uniquely styled second hand symbolizes two celestial bodies mutually attracting each other, perpetually and unchangingly moving, much like how there are always unknown forces in life that draw us in.
The Time Valley watch manufacturing OEM factory has condensed these beautiful elements into a double-domed glass. Whenever we gaze at the movement of the second hand, we are deeply drawn in by its captivating rhythm, unable to resist its allure. The universe is vast, with infinite unknown territories. People have never stopped fantasizing about the sky and exploring the mysteries of outer space.
This is a quartz watch OEM product from the cosmic series, full of science fiction and mechanical sensibility. Each watch carries Time Valley's pursuit of craftsmanship and functionality in watch production OEM.
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